Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autocom and Zumo 550

Well I have purchased a Zumo 550 and I thought I would never use one. I would never be without one now. I had a few problems connecting it, as I was not prepared to pay Autocom prices for a connection lead. I went onto the internet and thanks to Wiz on the VFR forum website, who suggested an alternative. Connect the audio direct to the Autocom and place a noise filter in line. I had too much feedback and alternator noise. Used my existing 3.5 mm lead.

Now the mobile phone - Bluetooth it to a 'Dongle' ( The HF820 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker) and then hard wire it to the Autocom using my existing phone lead.....

So where do you get these bit of technology, yes E Bay, Filter £ 6.98 from Hong Kong and Motorola handsfree Visor Dongle £ 8.99.

All working fine......

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Malcolm Palmer . . . said...

Hi Nigel,

Could you give a more detailed explanation of the 'technology' you now have on your training bike - in particlusr the camera setup?

I'm using a Starcom connected to a PMR radio, and looking at options for a low-budget single camera/recorder - but from what I can remember yours is a bit more 'serious' ;)

Thanks, also, for posting the Riding Plans videos on Youtube. Even at 26 years old, I still think they're a great demonstration of 'Roadcraft' principles. In fact, I've just linked to them today on my blog!