Friday, August 15, 2008

Advanced Training with Autocom and ZUMO 550

Well it has happened, Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com has gone more technical, again.......
I was out in Wales on Thursday 14th August 2008 on an advanced assessment session with a client from Wigan in Lancashire, who had seen my clips on Youtube. When we met I knew he had Autocom fitted to his Honda ST1300, but I was surprised to see he had the intaface grey lead, well it was within seconds we we talking to each other, via bike to bike radio. All I did was conncect my spare radio to his system. Throughout the day the system worked great, and we were able to discuss the training, and the various elements of Advanced riding whilst on the move. Fantastic. I also noticed he had a Zumo 550 fitted and during one of his weak moments, when he was downing an ice cream I aksed him, 'Does this Zumo store the route ?' Well it does and here is the route we took:

The Route

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