Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autocom and Zumo 550

Well I have purchased a Zumo 550 and I thought I would never use one. I would never be without one now. I had a few problems connecting it, as I was not prepared to pay Autocom prices for a connection lead. I went onto the internet and thanks to Wiz on the VFR forum website, who suggested an alternative. Connect the audio direct to the Autocom and place a noise filter in line. I had too much feedback and alternator noise. Used my existing 3.5 mm lead.

Now the mobile phone - Bluetooth it to a 'Dongle' ( The HF820 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker) and then hard wire it to the Autocom using my existing phone lead.....

So where do you get these bit of technology, yes E Bay, Filter £ 6.98 from Hong Kong and Motorola handsfree Visor Dongle £ 8.99.

All working fine......

Communicating with your clients

The other day I wired one of my clients up with a headset and press to talk switch. He had one of my spare radios and it 'worked'. I was able to talk to him and he gave feedback as he rode along.

Feedback from an Advanced Assessment Course 26.8.08


I’m just writing to say how much I enjoyed the day’s training with you.

I am really pleased with how much your expert help and advice has improved my riding. I am sure that your course would be of benefit to anyone looking to improve their riding skills and survival on the bike.

You made me feel completely at ease, not an easy task. The regular debriefs throughout the day were really beneficial as they helped clarify the things you had shown on the road. It was also useful to follow you on your own machine as this allowed me to follow the line of the bends and see where I should position myself to gain the best view in whole variety of hazards.

I was impressed by your own observation of the situations and hazards which you relayed to me as we progressed. It was like training to be a Jedi biker under the tutelage of Master Yoda. I am still amazed at just how far you look when assessing the road.

I hope to be able to come back again in 2009 for 2 or 3 days.

I know we discussed the costs and whilst they may appear expensive, I believe when you consider the options of not training with an advanced instructor like yourself, the cost is actually worth it. The benefits in terms of improved survivability far outweigh the money spent. I believe the capital outlay for the course should not be the deciding factor. I would urge anyone who is strapped for cash to sell their kidneys or the mother in law’s body to science, or rob a bank to get the money.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about how good the course is should they wish to contact me personally.

Anyway may the force be with you.

I look forward to seeing you next year.

Kind regards

Charlie Poxon

PS. Thanks for all the free videos you put on YouTube, they are superb!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Advanced Training with Autocom and ZUMO 550

Well it has happened, Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com has gone more technical, again.......
I was out in Wales on Thursday 14th August 2008 on an advanced assessment session with a client from Wigan in Lancashire, who had seen my clips on Youtube. When we met I knew he had Autocom fitted to his Honda ST1300, but I was surprised to see he had the intaface grey lead, well it was within seconds we we talking to each other, via bike to bike radio. All I did was conncect my spare radio to his system. Throughout the day the system worked great, and we were able to discuss the training, and the various elements of Advanced riding whilst on the move. Fantastic. I also noticed he had a Zumo 550 fitted and during one of his weak moments, when he was downing an ice cream I aksed him, 'Does this Zumo store the route ?' Well it does and here is the route we took:

The Route

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Normandy Tour 2009 with Advanced Motorcycle Training

Well we are off yet again, end of April 2009 to Normandy. Small party on a 4 day trip, using the Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry. Advanced instruction available over the weekend. Details to be posted, limited spaces, 2 riders already booked...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monks Barn Farm. Bed and Breakfast Accommodation near Stratford upon Avon

I have just spent a weekend away doing some training and filming in and around Stratford upon Avon and wanted some biker friendly accommodation for the Sunday night. I did some searching on the internet and came up with Monks Barn Farm, on the Shipston Road out of Stratford. I couldn't have asked for more, when I was met by Rita, the host, who immediately offered my a cup of tea and biscuits on my arrival. There is plenty of hard standing for the motorcycle and most importantly secure parking. The accommodation is first class and very very reasonable. It was a place where you could 'chillout' as you overlooked the valley towards the river Stour.

The river is very important as it guides you to a very good pub in the next village, only a short walk through the fields.


Bagster Medea Tank Bag from Baglux UK

Well after many years of faithful service, my Bagster Alpha tank bag, finally gave up. The zip went, so I started looking at the range now being offered by Baglux. I came across the Medea Tank and decided to buy one. Why did I go for that one, well I had a cunning plan. How about putting my camcorder in the small pocket which has a clear cover. I could then see what I was recording when training, so I didn't need a separate screen. The tank bag fitted on my existing harness and after about one hour of messing and routing the wires, the camera was installed. That was a few weeks ago and it is working great. Thanks to all at Baglux in Abergele.....

Bagster products available on line soon on my website........

Friday, August 08, 2008

Motorcycle Training CBT and Direct Access

Advanced motorcycle training is appearing high in the search engine listings when you search for motorcycle training. The occurs when searching for CBT and Direct Access training, hence calls from all over the United Kingdom. I will try and answer all your queries, but CAN NOT DO THE TRAINING.

A good link to try is

If are local to Staffordshire try these links:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Normandy Trip - Ferry, what ferry ?

Well what do you do, when you have arranged a trip and the ferry company, cancel the ferry ? At first you panic then you start planning all over again. We have had to change all our travel arrangements, and are now lookng at spending an extra day in France and heading North the Eurotunnel.