Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sony C31:23 and C31:21 Code on camcorder

Well I thought I would have an easy Sunday afternoon, making some DVD's from yesterday's assessment session. Which was a bit wet and blustery for July.
Well I switched on the camcorder, flashing lights and bleeping------ Error C31:23. Nothing would work. Tape stuck in the machine.... Went onto the internet and found a forum, as you do and the general remedy was to slap the camcorder a few times ! This would never work, well gave it a go and guess what it did. Now up and running again.....

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Unknown said...

Slapping the camcorder around did not work for me.

What worked, was taking the battery out and putting it back. Not sure if this made a difference but the camcorder was set to 'camera'.