Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IAM, ROSPA and Bikesafe compared the the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

What is the difference between ERS and the following Advanced Training Courses?

IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring)
RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
BSM (British School of Motoring/RAC)
DIA (Driving School Association)
We check the quality of the above courses and all involve
training, a test and a recognized qualification.
You can use ERS as an important step in progressing towards
an Advanced Rider Qualification and it is something you may
want to consider.
You will certainly find that your ERS trainer has at least
one of these qualifications and will encourage you to go on
to an advanced level.

How does the Bikesafe scheme differ from ERS?
Bikesafe is an initiative run by the police forces who
work with the biking world to help lower the number of
motorcycle casualties. They use police motorcyclists to
provide assessment rides and advice on safer riding.
If you do need training, they will advise you to use
accredited instructors such as those on our Register of
Post-test Motorcycle Trainers.
ERS: quality-assured training leading to exciting
and safe riding for life


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