Monday, June 30, 2008

Enhanced Rider Scheme - How to market your business

Well, where do I start.
I had a package through the post this morning, leaflets and information disc, promoting the scheme. Just remembering this is nearly July 2008. The scheme began in February 2007 and was officially launched in November 2007. We are now 8 months into the scheme and the general take up has been very low. I wonder why, perhaps I haven't been promting the scheme enough. Now let me think, shouldn't the DSA BEING DOING THAT...........
Well in the package this morning they included a glossy booklet called,' How to market your business'.
Here is a short extract from it:'A Website ...... You will also need to add a 'Contact' section; this must include your name and number, but should include your email and business address. If potential clients can't get hold of you they will go somewhere else and that's money lost for you'.
I never thought of that.
By the way the DSA publication is not copyrighted.

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