Friday, June 20, 2008

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme - Trainer Check Test

Well I have been done - I did my DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Check Test this afternoon at the Newcastle under Lyme test centre. The dreaded time, I don't like test these days was 13.30hrs. It was scheduled for 1 hour and then a 10 minute debrief session after. I had already been in contact with the DSA Examiner and had chosen my set lesson, come assessment on Corners/bends, Normal road position and Overtaking/filtering. Before I get into my experience of the test -

The Outcome

I passed with satisfactory in the core competencies at level 4, 1 being the lowest. In the Instructional/Coaching Tecniques I dropped down to statisfactory 3 in Planning and Q/A Techniques. The remaining 5 areas level 4.

I had to ask myself was it all worthwhile as the scheme is still voluntary.......Was it worth the initial investment ?

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