Monday, May 05, 2008

Problems with E Bike Motorycle Insurance

I have been with E Bike a number of years so this year I decided to renew with them again. Then the problems started. I renewed my insurance on 10.4.08, paying by credit card. On the following Monday 14.4.08 I had a letter from E Bike, thanking me for the renewal and please find enclosed the details of your direct debit payments for the next 12 months. Was I paying twice...... I rang them up, computer error. Ah well I accepted that, but it gets better, on the Friday I get a letter from E Bike saying 'Sorry to hear that you have cancelled your insurance'. I have been running around for a week without any. I was fuming and it took me 5 and a half hours to get through to them on the help line.
I went onto Tesco in the meantime and got a quote with A Quote cheaper than E Bike and with better cover, Helmet and leathers, breakdown included.
Instead of £210.00, now paying £200.00 for 3 bikes, and it includes business use. Arranged via Nowich Union.
I demanded compensation off E Bike and got £25.00, and an e-mail with an appology. Computer error and poor staffing levels..........Yea OK !


Charity said...

Do people still make mistakes with insurance. Why were they employed anyway. So sorry about your messed up moments am sure all will work out.
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Anonymous said...

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