Thursday, April 24, 2008

Posting of video on Youtube

I had one comment re the content of some of the Youtube vids: Quote to clip on multi vehicle overtake:'You gave this title, not the public, and as demo video it lets you down. I really think you ought to critically review these many videos before posting, I've bit my tongue until now but there are less experienced people than yourself out there who may take these as examples of something to aim for, rather than a level of competence to progress beyond. Why not use a clip from a better day out, then dub your commentary? And now, just as you did, I have run out of space but mine's not fatal'

I appreciate every person is entitled to their own opinion and Youtube is an open forum, hence the vid called Advice - Disclaimer really....

Reply rec'd:
Quote:. 'Why are you apologizing for posting intelligent videos on youtube?
your vids are educational, well made and great to watch (unlike the majority of crap posted on here)
Its great to see a biker with a brain, full safety gear and something to share...other than there dangerous riding or lack skills and knowledge.

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