Monday, February 25, 2008

Enhanced Riders Scheme - Comments from Simon Weir, Bike Magazine

On Tuesday 19th Febriuary 2008 I took Simon Weir from Bike magazine out on an enhanced riders scheme assessmnt ride. It was a bit cold and the video camera lens gave up due to the freezing fog........

Here is some of his feedback.

I have done an Enhanced Rider Scheme ride... and I'll be writing about it in the mag in the near future.

However, to scoop myself slightly, in a nutshell I'd say it's a good thing. Certainly, anyone doing Direct Access would definitely get a huge benefit from ERS. In fact, it would help most riders I know - and absolutely all of them should benefit from the insurance discount it could lead to (I'm still investigating this aspect of it at the moment, so can say only that it promises a discount for those who complete it).

Will it stop people crashing? Probably not. Is it the last word in advanced riding? Definitely not (I'm a RoSPA instructor so have high expectations). But then, it's not meant to do either. What ERS should do is give people the skills to help reduce the number of needless crashes - particulalry among new riders - and open the doors to further training for those that want to take it further.

Right or wrong, CBT is very basic. Direct Access/the test is less basic but not comprehensive. Now the ERS will give a widely recognised, easily accessed (and, if DSA do it right) heavily promoted way for people to get the additional training everyone says they should be given. Surely this has to be a good thing.

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