Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advancedbiker does a Track Day.......

Well I did several when D & K Motorcycles used to run them at Oulton Park and Mallory Park. I had a go on the track and Dean Martin from Keith Martin Photography took some photographs of me on a very nice Honda Hornet. At one time I thought I broke it, but it was the rev limiter. I know one thing, I wore my boots out.........

Here are some pics...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advancedbiker remembers his early days

Well it is Christmas and I was looking through Youtube, rememebering those tv programs we used to wath, Watch with Mother, Tales of the Riverbank, Fireball XL5, Mungo and Midge to name but a few, can' remember, well here is a clip:

The Woodentops

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blue Light Training - Accredited Course

I had a 'Can you just' phone call the other week from a chap I have now got to know as George Smith. He wanted some help with some ROSPA testing. No problem, managed to sort that, then I got another, 'Can you.......' phone call ofering me some Blue Light Training. What an opportunity, just like being back at the Police Driving School, but without the protocol....
Well I have completed my first course with Jackie Ellis and Peter Baker from Flash and Longmor Community First Responders, who achieved the required standard.

Oh almost forgot, the trusty vehicle I did the training in - Toyota Rav 4;

One of my Company Vehicles

Well I could use it if I wanted.........

It wasn't a bad job really, but glad I am out of it now.

Merry Christmas to all my friends still in the job.........

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my clients, Past, Present and Future. Thank You for making 2008 an exciting year, looking forward to 2009.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike to Bike Radio Communication - Autocom & Midland

I recently met with Nigel Bowers and was lucky enough to have a demonstration ride with him. Although there is nothing new with this type of ride which lasted about 10 - 12 miles along 'A' roads and dual carriageways, it was the first time I had has a live running commentary with it. Both of us had two way radios fitted and Nigel offered to lead the way and give the commentary. I have seen this done on Nigels website and others as well, however, when you actually follow a professional rider such as Nigel and are able to see the whole picture along with the commentary it really becomes apparent that radios are a huge advantage to tutoring. In recent years the cost of these radio systems has dropped quite significantly, and even a cheap set performs quite reasonably, after all it is not as though they need to transmit to the moon and back.

There are some major benefits in the use of radio systems during tutoring. They can help the pupil/associate concentrate on the road ahead as they will not have to constantly remember when the next turn is coming up, or constantly look behind them to see the indicators on the instructors bike. Remember, the more time you spend looking behind you the less time you have to check the hazards in front of you.

If anybody else out there has the chance of one of these rides, snap his hand off. It is well worth it. The instructors aren't ogres, they are bikers with huge experience and willingness to help.

Jon Cook

Friday, November 21, 2008

C.B.T. & Direct Access Training - Youtube

Check out this site for a look at the new motorcycle test, which if all goes to plan should be the one you will take in MARCH 2009:


This is not a DSA site.....

Advancedbiker from Youtube goes to see SAPAR

Last week I went over to RAF Shawbury and helped the lads from a local ROSPA group, as they assessed a number of staff from the base, as part of a road safety initiative. My thanks to Paul Cartwright for organising the event and even stopping to be photographed without a 'fag'on.......
Oh I had the video cameras switched on, so here is the clip:

The Enhanced Rider Scheme ERS DSA at the NEC

Celebrity bikers join the Driving Standards Agency to support the enhanced rider scheme at the 2008 NEC motorcycle show

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has invited popular TV motorsport presenter Louise Brady and former Superbike Champion and now MotoGP commentator Steve Parrish to support an exciting new scheme aimed at significantly improving motorcycle road safety.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) will be showcased at the 2008 Motorcycle and Scooter Show, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, from November 28-December 7.

The ERS is a new training package that forms part of the Government's Motorcycling Strategy (GMS) to help reduce the number of fatal and serious accidents on our roads each year involving motorcyclists. ERS aims to encourage and help qualified riders become safer on the roads and reduce accidents.

The DSA is encouraging motorcyclists at the show to visit the stand, to discover the benefits of ERS and look at how it can help biking for the future.

Louise Brady said: "The Enhanced Rider Scheme offers an opportunity to iron out bad habits and keep you safer on the roads, as well as helping you get more from your bike. And it can help to gain riders discounts on insurance.

"Accident statistics among motorcyclists are high and they suggest that we should all have our riding ability assessed from time to time."

The show takes place from November 28-December 7 at the NEC, Birmingham, with a media day on November 27. DSA road safety experts will be joined on their stand by Steve Parrish on November 30 and Louise Brady on December 6 and 7. The DSA exhibition stand will be located in Hall 2, stand 2H15.

Funny, I thought it was launched last year as new initiative, with the Hairy Bikers at the show ........... Ah well see what happens this time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

When the riding season ends....... Or does it ?

A couple of years ago, I would have been thinking of putting the motorcycle up for the winter, but during the last month, since coming back from Normandy, I haven't even thought of doing it. Why, well there have been opportunities to go out when the weather has been quite mild, for the time of year. Take for instance last week, when it was BRAKE road safety week - I spent a day with the local Rospa Motorcycle group, helping out with assessment rides at a nearby RAF base. The only problem I had was everybody knew me by my Youtube name - Advancedbiker.
Will be back with more updates, as I have been bo..ocked by obe of my readers for not keeping the site upto date. Is that better Chris........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Motor Cycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA)

Quote from website:

"In October 2008, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) launched the Motor Cycle Industry Trainers Association (MCITA) – an Association dedicated to serving the diverse needs of motorcycle rider trainers and companies engaged in all types of training, including off-road and track days."

As far as I can see this is linked to the RPMT and DSA and on the surface looks a good idea, however I haven't worked out the benefits yet. They want £99.00 off me to join. I am all for regulation and standards, but the training I do is a hobby I get paid for. All this association this and scheme that,makes me wonder is it worthwhile........ I think I will go into to Advanced Training Tours

Sunday, October 19, 2008

RIDE Magazine November 2008 issue with Mark Manning

I am in the press again, with a great feature in the November 2008 issue of RIDE magazine. I took the RIDE photogarpher, Mark "Weeble" Manning out to assess his riding as part the the Enhanced Rider Scheme. I got a full page report, see page 84. Thanks Mark

I even put him on Youtube:

Ride Magazine - Mark Manning

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BMW R1200GS - Around the world tour

You see the strangest things when you are out on the road, but when we were waiting to board the Eurotunnel, last week we saw this BMW... Just check out the way it is loaded..... They had just started a round the world trip and were heading for London to get a plane to South America. The were looking at taking 3 years to complete the trip. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST...... It did actually look as if it handled well, check out the video....

Eurotunnel by Motorcycle on Youtube

Normandy trip with advancedbiker October 2008

We have just had a great weekend in Normandy, chilling out and exploring the World War 2 sites and the French roads. This is a picture looking over the peaceful Normandy beaches and the English Channel from Longres Battery. The weather was fine and I used my Zumo 550 sat nav for the very first time. It was set to avoid motoways and toll roads, hence we went down some very 'sh......ty' French roads and the old old VFR got a litle dirty.......

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Normandy in October - Motorcycle Holiday

Just got back from Normandy..... Had a great time, exploring some great roads for the trip in April. Sat nav worked very well, with us using unknown French roads, no traffic, etc. Travelled up north to catch the Eurotunnel, very impressed. Video used most of the time, so will keep you posted.... Looking forward to the Advanced training week in April 2009

Away in Germany for a week - Don't phone me !

Just a quick note to say I am away in Germany for a week, starting this coming Sunday. Please don't ring me, as it may cost you a fortune. All e-mails wil be answered when I get back

Sunday, September 21, 2008

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme - The cost

I just had a thought...There are now 229 trainers registered with the DSA on the Post Test Trainers register. Quite a few and no organisation with a voice representing them. Perhaps now is the time to look at one........
As a trainer I paid £6.99 for a starter pack and if the rest paid, that is £ 1,600.00 to the DSA. The Hazard perception and theory test £ 64.63, another £ 14,800. So someone is £ 16,400.00 in pocket. Now as a potential trainer, I have to pay to go on the register, 12 months £ 88.12 or for 4 years £ 235.00. So if all the trainers went for the 4 year membership, that is £ 53,815.00. So someone could be £ 70,215.00 up..... Not bad income for a scheme, which in my opinion dosn't seem to be well known.........

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Autocom Motorcycle Intercoms - Half Price

Autocom are selling off the Duo kits - Half Price. so now is the time to get one.

Active Plus Expandable Duo Rider Kit only £100.00

Super Pro AVI Expandable Duo Rider Kit 300 only £140.00

I have purchased the 300 duo kit, watch this space for update re its performance compared to my old Pro 7. (Well I wanted some new headsets and they are £35.00 each).

Now I can use my old system for my clients when out training and when we go touring.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Motorcycling in Stoke on Trent

Do you have any questions or concerns about motorcyclng in Stoke on Trent ?

Telphone: 01782 232149

E Mail:

Web site:

Diesel spillage, Pot Holes, other Road Hazards in Stoke on Trent

If you see a pothole or any other hazard on a road in Stoke on Trent...please let the council know. For instance diesel spillage or the anti skid surface breaking up.

Telephone 01782 234234

E-Mail :


A50 AND A500 Contact the Highways Agency on 08457 50 40 30

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Motorcycle Taxi Service Stoke on Trent

A new motorcycle taxi service has been launched in Stoke on Trent. The rider is a Rospa advanced rider, as tested by myself. Support him in his new venture.

Check out his website at :

Bikers Suzuka Goretex Trousers

The ultimate motorcycle trousers to match the Suzuka jacket. Also made from Cordura with Gore-tex membrane and featuring a Thinsulate thermal detachable lining, 3M reflective panels and CE approved knee armour. Elasticated panels in waist and knees accommodate the riding position and reinforcement panels in the crotch, inside knees and legs ensure durability. Integral kidney support and duplex jacket connecting zips are amongst other features which ensure the maximum comfort and safety of the rider.

Well I thought I would give them a go. (It is time for the Revit summer gear to be stored for better weather.)
The Bikers Suzuka Goretex Trousers arrived today, fit like a glove, look good and cost only £199.00 - BARGIN.

Will put further update on blog when I have been out in them.

Advanced Motorcycle Training Normandy tour 2009

Well I have decided to go over again to France, but this time for a week from Sunday 19th April 2009 and Saturday 25th April 2009. A big departure for me is using the Eurotunnel, so we will give it a go and spend a night in Northern France before heading to Normandy to Arromanches to see Adrian. We can have a look at some world war 2 sites on the way down and take in the Pont Du Normandie bridge at Le Harve. Our base at Arromanches will be Normandy Beach bed and breakfast for 4 nights and the plan is to do some ride outs and chill at the same time. Then on the Friday travel back towards Calais, but stopping overnight - Back on the Saturday by Eurotunnel. Why the change, well I don't do Rush and it would be nice to travel in daylight on the way back.

There are spaces available, so have a think and if you are interested let me know. Training is £100.00 a day on top of all the other ususal holiday costs. I am only taking 6 riders across, as I am looking at taking another instructor with a camera bike.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Extra time granted for new DSA motorcycle test

Extra time granted for new motorcycle test

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has announced a delay of six months to the introduction of the new practical motorcycle test, originally scheduled for September 29, 2008.

The new implementation date will now be Monday, March 30, 2009.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What is Advanced Motorcycling ?


Advanced motorcycling is an ability to control the position and speed of the machine safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to progress unobtrusively with skill and responsibility, The skill requires a positive but courteous attitude and high standard of riding competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation and planning. This must be co-ordinated with good handling skills. The machine should be in the right place on the road at the right time, travelling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged and be able to stop safely on its own side of the road in the distance that can be seen to be clear.

To sum up – ‘ The ability to make controlled progress’

Monday, September 08, 2008

Youtube and the European Union - Netherlands

Comment from Floopnoot from the Netherlands

I just spent 5 days riding in Sauerland, Germany and I just kept hearing this guy advancedbiker inside my head: "stay out, stay out", "forget the right, plan for the left", "I like it!"

Thanks for all the useful videos!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Register of Post Test Trainers RPMT Check Test

I found my check test the other day that I was subjected to in June of this year. I previously mentioned that I passed, so here is the form:

RPMT Check Test Examiners Report

I have blanked out the examners name and my DSA

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autocom and Zumo 550

Well I have purchased a Zumo 550 and I thought I would never use one. I would never be without one now. I had a few problems connecting it, as I was not prepared to pay Autocom prices for a connection lead. I went onto the internet and thanks to Wiz on the VFR forum website, who suggested an alternative. Connect the audio direct to the Autocom and place a noise filter in line. I had too much feedback and alternator noise. Used my existing 3.5 mm lead.

Now the mobile phone - Bluetooth it to a 'Dongle' ( The HF820 Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker) and then hard wire it to the Autocom using my existing phone lead.....

So where do you get these bit of technology, yes E Bay, Filter £ 6.98 from Hong Kong and Motorola handsfree Visor Dongle £ 8.99.

All working fine......

Communicating with your clients

The other day I wired one of my clients up with a headset and press to talk switch. He had one of my spare radios and it 'worked'. I was able to talk to him and he gave feedback as he rode along.

Feedback from an Advanced Assessment Course 26.8.08


I’m just writing to say how much I enjoyed the day’s training with you.

I am really pleased with how much your expert help and advice has improved my riding. I am sure that your course would be of benefit to anyone looking to improve their riding skills and survival on the bike.

You made me feel completely at ease, not an easy task. The regular debriefs throughout the day were really beneficial as they helped clarify the things you had shown on the road. It was also useful to follow you on your own machine as this allowed me to follow the line of the bends and see where I should position myself to gain the best view in whole variety of hazards.

I was impressed by your own observation of the situations and hazards which you relayed to me as we progressed. It was like training to be a Jedi biker under the tutelage of Master Yoda. I am still amazed at just how far you look when assessing the road.

I hope to be able to come back again in 2009 for 2 or 3 days.

I know we discussed the costs and whilst they may appear expensive, I believe when you consider the options of not training with an advanced instructor like yourself, the cost is actually worth it. The benefits in terms of improved survivability far outweigh the money spent. I believe the capital outlay for the course should not be the deciding factor. I would urge anyone who is strapped for cash to sell their kidneys or the mother in law’s body to science, or rob a bank to get the money.

I would be happy to talk to anyone about how good the course is should they wish to contact me personally.

Anyway may the force be with you.

I look forward to seeing you next year.

Kind regards

Charlie Poxon

PS. Thanks for all the free videos you put on YouTube, they are superb!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Advanced Training with Autocom and ZUMO 550

Well it has happened, Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com has gone more technical, again.......
I was out in Wales on Thursday 14th August 2008 on an advanced assessment session with a client from Wigan in Lancashire, who had seen my clips on Youtube. When we met I knew he had Autocom fitted to his Honda ST1300, but I was surprised to see he had the intaface grey lead, well it was within seconds we we talking to each other, via bike to bike radio. All I did was conncect my spare radio to his system. Throughout the day the system worked great, and we were able to discuss the training, and the various elements of Advanced riding whilst on the move. Fantastic. I also noticed he had a Zumo 550 fitted and during one of his weak moments, when he was downing an ice cream I aksed him, 'Does this Zumo store the route ?' Well it does and here is the route we took:

The Route

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Normandy Tour 2009 with Advanced Motorcycle Training

Well we are off yet again, end of April 2009 to Normandy. Small party on a 4 day trip, using the Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry. Advanced instruction available over the weekend. Details to be posted, limited spaces, 2 riders already booked...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monks Barn Farm. Bed and Breakfast Accommodation near Stratford upon Avon

I have just spent a weekend away doing some training and filming in and around Stratford upon Avon and wanted some biker friendly accommodation for the Sunday night. I did some searching on the internet and came up with Monks Barn Farm, on the Shipston Road out of Stratford. I couldn't have asked for more, when I was met by Rita, the host, who immediately offered my a cup of tea and biscuits on my arrival. There is plenty of hard standing for the motorcycle and most importantly secure parking. The accommodation is first class and very very reasonable. It was a place where you could 'chillout' as you overlooked the valley towards the river Stour.

The river is very important as it guides you to a very good pub in the next village, only a short walk through the fields.


Bagster Medea Tank Bag from Baglux UK

Well after many years of faithful service, my Bagster Alpha tank bag, finally gave up. The zip went, so I started looking at the range now being offered by Baglux. I came across the Medea Tank and decided to buy one. Why did I go for that one, well I had a cunning plan. How about putting my camcorder in the small pocket which has a clear cover. I could then see what I was recording when training, so I didn't need a separate screen. The tank bag fitted on my existing harness and after about one hour of messing and routing the wires, the camera was installed. That was a few weeks ago and it is working great. Thanks to all at Baglux in Abergele.....

Bagster products available on line soon on my website........

Friday, August 08, 2008

Motorcycle Training CBT and Direct Access

Advanced motorcycle training is appearing high in the search engine listings when you search for motorcycle training. The occurs when searching for CBT and Direct Access training, hence calls from all over the United Kingdom. I will try and answer all your queries, but CAN NOT DO THE TRAINING.

A good link to try is

If are local to Staffordshire try these links:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Normandy Trip - Ferry, what ferry ?

Well what do you do, when you have arranged a trip and the ferry company, cancel the ferry ? At first you panic then you start planning all over again. We have had to change all our travel arrangements, and are now lookng at spending an extra day in France and heading North the Eurotunnel.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bikesafe and Bikesense Staffordshire

Bikesafe and Bikesense in Staffordshire....... These schemes are not advanced training. When you attend Bikesafe, you are suppoosed to be offered alternative training if appropriate after. In Staffordshire, Bikesense seems to be the next step. What happened to free trade, partnerships with other non commercial and commercial companies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sony C31:23 and C31:21 Code on camcorder

Well I thought I would have an easy Sunday afternoon, making some DVD's from yesterday's assessment session. Which was a bit wet and blustery for July.
Well I switched on the camcorder, flashing lights and bleeping------ Error C31:23. Nothing would work. Tape stuck in the machine.... Went onto the internet and found a forum, as you do and the general remedy was to slap the camcorder a few times ! This would never work, well gave it a go and guess what it did. Now up and running again.....

My Youtube clips - Thanks to you all......

Well, what can I say, only THANKS............

I first posted a video on Youtube in November 2006 and it wasn't until May 2007 that I started putting them on more frequently. I never thought it would catch on, but from the feedback I get, they appear to work. So why this Blog entry.
Well total views to date : 1,000,249 with 514 subscribers.

Thanks for your support




Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A day off from Motorcycle Training

What do I do when I have a day off, well I go out on my motorcycle for a ride. Today we went over to the Lincs Aviation Museum, to see Just Jane, Lancaster Bomber NX611. The bomber is started up and does a taxi before returing to be a static display. Just before the engnes are cut, they are run at full chat and the ground shakes. You never know who can meet at these places, well we met Sue and Harold Thompson, photographers, who took a picture of me doing the video of the plane. If this works, here is Sues photo: Here is a still of what I was looking at: Nice to meet you, Sue and Harold, glad I hadn't got took much of my bald head in the shot. Here is the video clip:

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road Casualties Great Britain 2007: Main results

The Department of Transport has today published National Statistics on road casualties in Great Britain in 2007, which relate to casualties in accidents reported to the police.

Key results include:

* The number of people killed in road accidents fell, by 7 per cent from 3,172 in 2006 to 2,943 in 2007. 30,720 people were killed or seriously injured in 2007, 4 per cent fewer than in 2006. There were 247,780 road casualties in Great Britain in 2007, 4 per cent less than in 2006.

* Child casualties fell by 7 per cent. The number of children killed or seriously injured in 2007 was 3,090 (down 6 per cent on 2006). Of those, 1,899 were pedestrians, 6 per cent down on 2006. 121 children died on the roads, 28 per cent fewer than in 2006.

* Provisional figures indicate that road traffic levels rose by 1 per cent compared to 2006 and the provisional estimate is that the overall casualty rate per 100 million vehicle kilometres (49 per 100 million vehicle kms) was 5 per cent lower than in 2006 (51 casualties per 100 million vehicle kms).

* There were 644 pedestrian deaths, 5 per cent less than in 2006. Killed or serious injured casualties fell by 2 per cent to 6,924. The all pedestrian casualty figure fell to 30,191 in 2007, 3 per cent lower than 2006.

* The number of pedal cyclists killed fell by 7 per cent from 146 in 2006 to 136 in 2007. The number of seriously injured rose by 6 per cent to 2,428. The total casualties among pedal cyclists remained at the same level as 2006.

* There were 588 motorcycle user fatalities in 2007, 2 per cent lower than during 2006. The number of killed or seriously injured rose compared to 2006 (up 4 percent from 6,484 in 2006 to 6,737 in 2007). The all motorcycle user casualties figure for 2007 of 23,459 is 1 per cent higher than in 2006.

* The number of deaths among car users in 2007 was 1,431, 11 per cent less than in the previous year. The number seriously injured fell by 9 per cent to 11,536. Total casualties among car users were 161,433, 6 per cent lower than 2006. Provisional traffic estimates indicate a 1 per cent fall in car and taxi traffic over the period.

* There were 182,115 road accidents involving personal injury in 2007, 4 per cent fewer than in 2006. Of these, 27,036 accidents involved death or serious injury, 3 per cent fewer than in 2006 (27,872).

In 2007, the number of people killed or seriously injured was 36 per cent below the 1994-98 average; the number of children killed or seriously injured was 55 per cent below the 1994-98 average; and provisional estimates show the slight casualty rate was 30 per cent below the 1994-98 average.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Where have I been and done in June ?

Well, Advanced Motorcycle Training.Com has been on tour..... Meeting clients at Gayden, just off the M40 and spending a glorious day in and around the Cotswolds. I have been down to Abergavenny for a course with a client, birthday treat from his wife. Done some work with the intercoms, now sorted and been doing some Rospa tests. It is great being retired, working for yourself, doing what you want to do. Recommended......

Motorcycle News - DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

On Thursday 26th June I spent a couple of hours with Alison Silcox from Motorcycle News. I introduced her to the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme and we spent some time exploring the excellent roads around Melton Mowbray and Stamford. She passed and was awarded her certificate (ERIC).

What do I do at weekends ?

Well this last weekend I spent a couple of days in the Peak District offering advanced driving advice to a group of TVR owners at ROAR 2008. Well TVR Chimeras. What a car from 4.00 to 5.0 litre, V8 music..... No anti lock brakes, traction control and some instances no power steering. My thanks to Julian Smith from Ridedrive Limited who gave me the opportunity.

Enhanced Rider Scheme - How to market your business

Well, where do I start.
I had a package through the post this morning, leaflets and information disc, promoting the scheme. Just remembering this is nearly July 2008. The scheme began in February 2007 and was officially launched in November 2007. We are now 8 months into the scheme and the general take up has been very low. I wonder why, perhaps I haven't been promting the scheme enough. Now let me think, shouldn't the DSA BEING DOING THAT...........
Well in the package this morning they included a glossy booklet called,' How to market your business'.
Here is a short extract from it:'A Website ...... You will also need to add a 'Contact' section; this must include your name and number, but should include your email and business address. If potential clients can't get hold of you they will go somewhere else and that's money lost for you'.
I never thought of that.
By the way the DSA publication is not copyrighted.

Friday, June 20, 2008

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Check Test - Observations

Well, where do I start.......

I had to wear a combined single ear piece/ microphone, made by Sonic. I couldn't use my intercom system. The DSA system was uncomfortable to wear and at speed cut out, making the job of giving good instruction advice, frustrating. When I got back I mentioned the 'dirty' mouth piece I had to use - quote-'We use telephone wipes to clean them'. I did all my on road debriefs with my helmet on, not ideal, but I didn't fancy struggling with the Sonic stuff again. Nevermind only 1 hour to do it the corect way.......
I didn't start off very well, as since my initial contact with the examiner, I made him fully aware of the video system on my motorcycle. Just before we went 'on road'-Quote' You will have to wipe the footage after - Data Protection'. I nearly said, Well stuff the check test, it is only voluntary. Having spent 30 years in the Police Force, you bite your lip and go with the system. I could have switched it on halfway round the test route, but could't be bothered. An ideal opportunity of promotion lost as the Examiner who was role playing did a great job. Nothing that wouldn't have been good on video.
As a commercial trainer I wasn't pleased about the length of the assessment, how can you assess in 60 minutes, and that includes 15 minutes messing with the intercom. It needs to be longer.
This may seem negative, but sometimes you have to think, is it worth it......
The scheme is a good thing, but I think it is suffering from lack of direction, which starts with publicity.

DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme - Trainer Check Test

Well I have been done - I did my DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Check Test this afternoon at the Newcastle under Lyme test centre. The dreaded time, I don't like test these days was 13.30hrs. It was scheduled for 1 hour and then a 10 minute debrief session after. I had already been in contact with the DSA Examiner and had chosen my set lesson, come assessment on Corners/bends, Normal road position and Overtaking/filtering. Before I get into my experience of the test -

The Outcome

I passed with satisfactory in the core competencies at level 4, 1 being the lowest. In the Instructional/Coaching Tecniques I dropped down to statisfactory 3 in Planning and Q/A Techniques. The remaining 5 areas level 4.

I had to ask myself was it all worthwhile as the scheme is still voluntary.......Was it worth the initial investment ?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IAM, ROSPA and Bikesafe compared the the DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme

What is the difference between ERS and the following Advanced Training Courses?

IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring)
RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)
BSM (British School of Motoring/RAC)
DIA (Driving School Association)
We check the quality of the above courses and all involve
training, a test and a recognized qualification.
You can use ERS as an important step in progressing towards
an Advanced Rider Qualification and it is something you may
want to consider.
You will certainly find that your ERS trainer has at least
one of these qualifications and will encourage you to go on
to an advanced level.

How does the Bikesafe scheme differ from ERS?
Bikesafe is an initiative run by the police forces who
work with the biking world to help lower the number of
motorcycle casualties. They use police motorcyclists to
provide assessment rides and advice on safer riding.
If you do need training, they will advise you to use
accredited instructors such as those on our Register of
Post-test Motorcycle Trainers.
ERS: quality-assured training leading to exciting
and safe riding for life

The Enhanced Rider Scheme Update from DSA

Extracts from the new DSA leaflet on the Enhanced Rider Scheme:

'We, along with the motorcycle industry, have put
together a new package of training known as the
Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).
The scheme is beneficial to all bike riders who have
a full motorcycle licence, no matter what size of bike,
or the experience level of the rider. There is no test
involved and you may not need to take any training if
your skills are assessed as satisfactory. You will also
earn discounts on your insurance as a result!

How does it work?

We, along with training experts, have developed
a training scheme designed to assess your riding,
reduce risk and improve your skills.
• There is an ever-expanding network of approved
trainers across Britain ready and waiting to assess
riders and carry out any recommended training. Visit and click on Find Nearest
RPMT trainers and Enhanced Rider Scheme info.
The first step is to visit your local accredited
trainer to assess your riding skills.
• If you have no significant areas of weakness, the
trainer will give you a DSA Certificate of Competence.
You will then qualify for the Enhanced Rider Bonus
insurance discount from one of the many insurers who
have signed up to support the scheme.
• If you do have areas that would benefit from further
training, you would qualify for your certificate after
successfully completing the recommended training.
By having your riding ability assessed, trainers can
tailor a development programme to suit your needs.
Many of the leading motorcycle insurance companies
have signed up to this scheme and are prepared to offer
substantial discounts to riders who have shown they can
ride to the ERS standard and have therefore qualified for
the Enhanced Rider Bonus. The insurance brokers and
direct insurers currently sponsoring the scheme are:
AA Insurance, Bennett’s Insurance, Bikesure, Carole
Nash, Chandler Direct, CIA insurance, Devitt, Direct
Choice Insurance, E Bike, Hastings Direct, MCE
Insurance, Lexham, Motorcycle Direct, Norwich Union
Direct, Express Insurance, Rampdale, Premium Choice
and Swinton Insurance. The scheme is supported by
the following insurers: AXA, Chaucer Insurance, Equity
Red Star, Groupama, Highway, KGM, Link, Zenith, NIG,
Norwich Union and Royal & Sun Alliance. This list is
continuing to grow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on October Normandy tour 2008

The trip is fully booked, but due to continual enquiries, I am looking at doing another on i April 2009

I have been on my travels....Not a tour

With the internet being a worldwide showcase for my training, I get enquiries form all over. Atthe beginning of the year I had a enq from London, so in June we met up at Gaydon, in Warwickshire and spen a sessio around he Cotswolds. This last weekend I spent a day in South Wales, having met up with a rider at Abergavenny....
These excursions are not one offs and I do not mind travelling to meet up if you are. In the near future I have a rider from Cambridge, who is prepared to tracel to Melton Mowbray. Wathc this space for more updates...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tale of insurance or no insurnace with Bennetts

I insured my motorbike on-line with Bennetts on 14th April this year (2008). Or at least I thought I had.... I have an Email confirmation telling me so...

After waiting a week for the certificate, and discovering that my insurance details were not on the UK database, I contacted them by telephone, and after a huge struggle, by Email, (Bennetts, we are told, can not accept Emails). This means WILL NOT receive Emails - plainly, they can...

Not having a certificate, and not being on the database, meant that the bike was not taxable, and therefore not useable. After more phone calls it transpired that the insurance certificate number on my confirmation of insurance was in fact incorrect - it was some other persons policy. It appeared that I had no insurance at all. Bennetts told me that their system had failed, and that I needed to re-apply and re-purchase insurance, and that they had not taken the money from the original application. Having lost two weeks use of the bike, I then made a second application, which went through fine.

However, the first payment was in fact taken - over £180. So I phoned the customer service people at Bennetts who could plainly see that they had made a mistake, and said that they would refund the money taken in error. But they did not. I have made repeated telephone calls to the help desk - the supervisor is almost invariably and conveniently in a meeting, and sorry, nobody else can help, but we will send an Email to the finance department, and they will refund your money, which we have incorrectly helped ourselves to... And no - you can't speak to the finance department directly, as thay are unable to take your call (of course - they do have a phone line so I guess that means that they REFUSE to take my call).

So now two months have gone by, by which time I conclude that Bennetts have decided to steal my money, as a refund should take as long to organize as the initial payment. Even the most charitable conclusion would include 'grossly incompetent and negligent' in the description. My last contact with Bennetts was 13th June 2008. I was told to expect a supervisor to call back. it is no surprise that I received no such call. And Bennetts still have my money.

The reason that this came to light is that the motorcycle was not taxed at the time the insurance was purchased – and insurance is required in order to obtain road tax. Had this not been the case, the problem would not have been noticed, and I would have been riding an uninsured vehicle. Many others may be doing just that as a result of the incompetence of this company. The help line operator said that many others had been affected in the same way. The company recognises the error, and has had plenty of time to refund the money. They have not done so, and have not returned my calls when they have promised to do so.

Peter Carnes

Monday, May 26, 2008

Video system updated on motorcycle

Well I didn't think it would work, but it does. The Honda is now fitted with 3 cameras, front facing, rear facing and now one I can use anywhere. For the time being I will keep it on the helmet. All I have done is to split the feed into the camera switch again, so I have two switches, one for front and one for the twin set up which is run from another switch. Thanks Dogcam, it works........

Friday, May 23, 2008

Moto Guzzi Weekend 7th and 8th June 2008

Guzzi fans can head over to Ross Verdon Motorcycles new premises in Hixon, Staffordshire to their official Guzzi showroom

MOTO GUZZI fanciers gathered at Ross Verdon Motorcycles new premises last weekend to check out and ride the latest models in the range.
There is a test-ride weekend planned for the 7th and 8th June, when not only will riders be able to enjoy test rides accompanied by advanced riding instructor Nigel Bowers, but will also be able to ride their own machines on routes pre-planned by Ross and Nigel on some of Britain's best motorcycle roads.

For more info on the event, contact Ross on 01889 270177 or visit

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The power of the internet - Youtube

Yesterday, Tuesday, my e mails went beserk with comments and subscribers to my Youtube channel. In particularly a 'Planned overtake in Wales'. I thought I had got a virus, but no.... Some Youtube reviewer had featured me on the front page of Youtube. Well what has that done to my sanity. Well I had to moderate some of the comments, but the majority were favourable and I gained a lot of new subscribers.

Scores on the doors...... Before Tuesday 320 views, Wednesday 202,187 views.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Youtube feedback

Thanks! 13 May 2008
I've watched a few of your excellent video clips on youtube and really just wanted to say thanks. I have so far completed my CBT training, am about to do my theory test and then will do a DAS course to hopefully gain my full licence. The plan after this is to get a 600c bike and look to do some further (advanced) training as soon as possible.
Watching your videos has really opened my eyes to the amount of learning required for safe riding and that there is so much more to learn after getting a full licence. After watching your videos I hope to be a safer biker. I can't wait to get my licence.
Thanks (again!),

Monday, May 12, 2008

Normandy Ocober 2008 Update

The trip to Normandy in October 2008 - Sorry now fully booked ! No places left.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Staffordshire Police Bikesafe 2008 11.5.2008

I popped upto the Staffordshire Police Bikesafe event being held atthe Winking Man Public House car park just off the A53 Leek to Buxton Road. I initially went to support the organisers of the the Andy Taft Trust and to see what was happening. The event was well attended and I got out filmed 3 rides for some officers I had worked with when I was in the force. What did surprise me was the way a number of Staffordshire Council road safety initiatives were being actively promoted and other organisations like ROSPA and the new DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme were ignored. I am very pro road safety, but there has to be a balance.........
Remember Bikesense does not attract any insurance discounts.......

Monday, May 05, 2008

Problems with E Bike Motorycle Insurance

I have been with E Bike a number of years so this year I decided to renew with them again. Then the problems started. I renewed my insurance on 10.4.08, paying by credit card. On the following Monday 14.4.08 I had a letter from E Bike, thanking me for the renewal and please find enclosed the details of your direct debit payments for the next 12 months. Was I paying twice...... I rang them up, computer error. Ah well I accepted that, but it gets better, on the Friday I get a letter from E Bike saying 'Sorry to hear that you have cancelled your insurance'. I have been running around for a week without any. I was fuming and it took me 5 and a half hours to get through to them on the help line.
I went onto Tesco in the meantime and got a quote with A Quote cheaper than E Bike and with better cover, Helmet and leathers, breakdown included.
Instead of £210.00, now paying £200.00 for 3 bikes, and it includes business use. Arranged via Nowich Union.
I demanded compensation off E Bike and got £25.00, and an e-mail with an appology. Computer error and poor staffing levels..........Yea OK !

Normandy Trip October 2008

I know, I said I wouldn't do one again, as I thought there were too many bikes..... Well we are off again, Friday 3rd October to Monday 6th October with a smaller group. I am taking 4 motorcycles this time, with myself as the instructor and Geoff as a guide, leaving 4 riders if they want to recieve some advanced riding input dring the weekend. We learnt a lot on the trip in April, so this time it will be better in terms of 1:1 guidance, one camera bike, i.e. me, pre-arranged routes and all together a more compact set up. Do not get me wrong, the April trip was great and the riders that went developed their riding skills.......

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our trip to Normandy April 25th to 28th 2008

Well the week before we went with 11 motorcycles to Normandy, I was looking at the weather, wondering if I had done the right thing and booked a holiday so early in the year. Well guess what, it didn't rain on our way to the ferry in Portsmouth and it didn't rain on our way from Cherbourg to Arromanches. Day 1 done, no problems, well Saturday was sunny and dry and Sunday was even better as we found some twisty D classified roads, with bend after bend, smooth tarmac, no pot holes or tar banding. Oh I forgot, no traffic. The road was that good, we have decided to return with a smaller party in October......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am in Bike Magazine - June edition

See an article on the Enhanced Rider Scheme in the June edition of Bike, out April 30th. Thanks to Simon Weir for the article

Posting of video on Youtube

I had one comment re the content of some of the Youtube vids: Quote to clip on multi vehicle overtake:'You gave this title, not the public, and as demo video it lets you down. I really think you ought to critically review these many videos before posting, I've bit my tongue until now but there are less experienced people than yourself out there who may take these as examples of something to aim for, rather than a level of competence to progress beyond. Why not use a clip from a better day out, then dub your commentary? And now, just as you did, I have run out of space but mine's not fatal'

I appreciate every person is entitled to their own opinion and Youtube is an open forum, hence the vid called Advice - Disclaimer really....

Reply rec'd:
Quote:. 'Why are you apologizing for posting intelligent videos on youtube?
your vids are educational, well made and great to watch (unlike the majority of crap posted on here)
Its great to see a biker with a brain, full safety gear and something to share...other than there dangerous riding or lack skills and knowledge.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tesco Motorcycle Insurance

Tesco motorcycle insurance is a new player in the Motorcycle Insurance business and from my point of view well worth a serious look at. I had been on the compare site before renewing my insurance and could not find anything for multibike cover. I phoned them and they came back with a cheaper quote, which included more cover, helmet and leather cover, RAC recovery etc. They did not even charge for using the credit card.

Have a look, link provided below:

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 .....First Impressions

The Moto Guzzi Stelvio.....

I went down to Ross Verdon Motorcycles to day to sort out the test ride weekend and waiting outside his showroom was the new Moto Guzzi Stelvio. Ross said, ' Do yo fancy a go ?' - Well did I, so I took it on the test route I would be using this weekend. It only had 100 miles on the clock, but I felt at 'home' with it straight away. Once I got it onto the 'twisties' from Rugeley towards Uttoxeter the torque of the v twin came into its own, powering through the corners, with the guzzi wanting more. A fantastic ride, just like the old days - A responsive, comfortable motorcycle. I want one......

First post removed Spam comments made.

Moto Guzzi weekend April 19th and 20th - Ross Verdon Motorcycles

I am helping a friend out over the weekend of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th 2008 with organised escorted demonstration rides of a number of Moto Guzzi motorcycles, including the new Stelvio. Why not pop in and see me at ROSS VERDON MOTORCYCLES LTD, BPL Unit 1, Hixon Ind. Est., Church Lane, Hixon, Staffordshire, ST18 0QA Book yourself a test ride on 01899 270177

What a month.......What has happened to our weather

Just to let you know, still at it and travelling far and wide offering traning and doing talks to motorcycle groups. Still enjoying it, but when wil his weather get any better, I have been rained on, well torrential actually storm in Epsom, snowed on in Staffordshire and hailed on at home. Oh forget dry roads and sunshine in Wales.....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review of Ride to Survive DVD 2007

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for taking the time to send me the DVD. I watched it from start to finish as soon as it arrived. I really like the way the DVD has been put together, everything is simple and concise and explained in a way that makes it easy to memorise and put into practice when out riding. I think the DVD has some really useful techniques and ideas that a rider of any level could utilise in order to make there riding experience safer and more enjoyable. The thing I noticed most is how the riders begin to 'flow' all of the techniques together. I will definetly use this DVD as a reference point in the future and look forward to passing my DAS so I can continue with advanced training.

Dan from Preston

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well it has taken me years of trying, but I think I have got it right with the way I post videos on the internet. I have just started a 10 session course and between sessions, which are a week apart, I have posted footage of the first session on the internet. The client can then look at his riding before the next session. I have decided to use 'Flash' software.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Enhanced Riders Scheme - Comments from Simon Weir, Bike Magazine

On Tuesday 19th Febriuary 2008 I took Simon Weir from Bike magazine out on an enhanced riders scheme assessmnt ride. It was a bit cold and the video camera lens gave up due to the freezing fog........

Here is some of his feedback.

I have done an Enhanced Rider Scheme ride... and I'll be writing about it in the mag in the near future.

However, to scoop myself slightly, in a nutshell I'd say it's a good thing. Certainly, anyone doing Direct Access would definitely get a huge benefit from ERS. In fact, it would help most riders I know - and absolutely all of them should benefit from the insurance discount it could lead to (I'm still investigating this aspect of it at the moment, so can say only that it promises a discount for those who complete it).

Will it stop people crashing? Probably not. Is it the last word in advanced riding? Definitely not (I'm a RoSPA instructor so have high expectations). But then, it's not meant to do either. What ERS should do is give people the skills to help reduce the number of needless crashes - particulalry among new riders - and open the doors to further training for those that want to take it further.

Right or wrong, CBT is very basic. Direct Access/the test is less basic but not comprehensive. Now the ERS will give a widely recognised, easily accessed (and, if DSA do it right) heavily promoted way for people to get the additional training everyone says they should be given. Surely this has to be a good thing.

Beach Race for Leukaemia Research 2008 - Simon Lees

Simon Lees here,
I see you still have my link up for raising money for Leukaemia Research. Could I please ask you to update it.

I am again riding the Beach Race for Leukaemia Research, but this year, I am joined by Stuart Holland, and Kevin Harvey in my quest to raise a minimum of £3000. We have again got a shirt "doing the rounds" to be signed by many of the top stars of the motorcycle world, and so far has the signatures of David Knight, Paul Edmondson, and was at the London Supercross last night, so we are awaiting details of who signed it there. Not only that, but we also have a shirt which has been signed by some of the top AMA riders competing in the American Supercross (Chad Reed, Mike Alessi and Grant Langston to name a few) This years addition to the "sponsored ride" is a raffle, for which we so far have 24 items to raffle off (if you wanted to add to that list, please feel free) The website is being updated as we speak, and it lists all items to be raffled off, as well as photos of the items and the signed shirts.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Place available Advanced Motorcycle Normandy tour 2008

One place has become available for the Advanced Motorcycle Workshop to Normandy end of April. Anyone interested please let me know asap......

Saturday, February 09, 2008


BIKERZ TYRE AND PERFORMANCE CENTRE - Fast-Fit tyre centre for bikes, (the only one around for miles!), we quickly responded to the demand for servicing & repairs at a reasonable cost, without having to book weeks in advance, and the need to supply quality parts & accessories.

This has now extended to us investing in a state of the art Fuchs Dyno, allowing us to keep up with the advances in technology such as fuel injection, which is now common place on modern machines.


Now sell motorcycles.......

Brand new showroom at 438 Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, ST1 3HU

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Advanced Motorcycle Training - New video site

I have been onto and noticed a very interesting site, where you can create your own video hosting site. So you should know be by now, I have done the same. Here is the link:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Advanced Riding Course Reviewed by 'Virtual Vic'

Virtual Vic spent a day with Advanced Motorcycle Training, based in the Midlands, to find out how useful a regular series of assessed rides can be.

There are a rising number of two-wheeler accidents in the UK, as more riders aboard large, 600cc+ machines come a cropper on our scenic roads. Although the causes are often hard to establish when there's only bike involved, it is obvious that many riders today simply cannot handle the 170mph motorbikes they own, but vanity prevents them from asking for training tips or guidance.

In a way, that's understandable, as almost every one of us thinks we are `good' riders, but as I found out with a day's ride in North Wales with Nigel Bowers from Advanced Motorcycle Training, there's always room for improvement. The whole rider assessment was also video taped, via an on-bike camera, as Nigel followed me for about 20 miles.

Although the session was simply a `taster' it was just a few minutes before I realised how many potential hazards I was oblivious to, as I merrily rode along the scenic roads near Llangollen. Nigel had his radio linked to an earpiece inside my Arai, so I could hear his running commentary, which identified all kinds of traffic problems looming ahead. He even spotted the address on a foreign registered truck three cars ahead, which was a very subtle touch, as you might expect an overseas driver to make sudden moves, if for example they were lost, or looking for a trading estate.

After a much needed tea stop, we stopped to review the footage and chat about the ride's highs and lows, along with Andy Gralton, who was a relative novice at motorcycling, but keen to learn techniques which could save his life one day.

It was useful to get another opinion on my riding style, along with some good advice on positioning the bike for maximum view around corners, instead of taking a `racing' line sometimes. Nigel also spotted that I got too close to the back of vehicles in front, which restricts your view - not good when you need maximum vision ahead to plan overtaking moves.

Andy had completed a series of rider assessments with Nigel and his scoresheet at the end of the day reflected the good progress he had made. Andy comented at the Ponderosa café that he ` felt much more confident with bike now, more relaxed too.'

The day made me think harder about `reading' the traffic, and the road `furniture' far ahead in the distance, which is the key to anticipating dangerous situations, instead of just reacting to them. The type of riding we were doing was brisk, not fast, but it was a million miles ahead of the urban pootling about that most riders do on a motorcycle test, or the training leading up to that test. My own feeling is that every rider needs some extra tuition after passing the bike test and one day, the government will make this a legal requirement before you can ride a bike which makes more than 100bhp.

But before that day arrives, you could do yourself a favour and learn to think ahead, plan your ride, become smoother through the corners and - most important of all - acquire the skills you need to overtake traffic safely and quickly, which is where many accidents on 60mph A roads occur. The day's assessment was impressive stuff

Tips on motorcycle tyres - By Ted Foreman

This is a short article designed to give some basic tips on motorcycle tyre maintenance and safety.

The tyres on your motorcycle are an engineered component, for example did you know each tyre is assembled from up to 30 component parts? each part is designed to perform a specific task, and different rubber compounds are used in each part of the tyre 20 to 30 different rubber compounds can be used in a tyre. These rubber compounds are reinforced with materials such as steel, nylon,rayon,polyester,and kevlar. So whilst tyres appear round, black and boring they are in fact the most important components on your machine.


As a general rule most motorcycle tyre manufacturers recommend that you stick with the original sizes of tyre as specified by your machines manufacturer, this is because a great deal of testing takes place before any motorcycle manufacturer decides on tyre sizes for a particular model. Whilst it is often possible to fit alternative sizes, this should only be done after consulting the motorcycle manufacturer.


Without doubt the most important factor with regards to tyre safety and life is inflation pressure, it is the air inside the tyre that carries the load so always use the inflation pressures as quoted by the motorcycle manufacturer. Check the inflation pressures when the tyres are cold, this is because tyres warm up in use and inflation pressures which are correct when the tyre is cold can increase by 10% when the tyre is hot. So setting the tyre at the correct cold inflation pressure when the tyre is hot will result in an under inflated tyre.


Always make sure you have valve caps fitted, whilst they may seem small insignificant items, valve caps perform a vital function, they prevent road dirt entering the valve stem and damaging the valve core. A damaged valve core will allow the tyres inflation pressure to leak out.

By far the best type of valve cap to fit is a high pressure one, these are usually of metal construction and have an internal rubber seal. The advantage of a high pressure valve cap is that it will retain inflation pressure, even if the valve core is damaged. This extra margin of safety is well worth having


You should inspect your tyres regularly for adequate tread depth and obvious signs of damage, such as cuts and bulges.


The minimum legal tyre tread depth for Motorcycles over 49cc is 1 mm, however this should be treated as a bare minimum and many motorcyclists replace their tyres at 2 mm.

Some motorcycle manufacturers recommend that tyres are replaced long before reaching the minimum legal tread depth, for example Kawasaki say that tyres on their GPX600R and GPX750R should be replaced at 1 mm front and 2 mm rear for operation at speeds up to 80 MPH (130KPH) and 1 mm Front and 3 mm Rear for speeds above 80 MPH (130 KPH).

All tyres have a number of tread wear indicators placed in the tread around the circumference of the tyre. The indicators are set at 1.6mm and serve as a guide to the degree of wear in the tread, the idea is whilst you are inspecting the tyre you look to see if the tyre is worn to this level, if so you know that tyre is ready for replacement

You can find the tread wear indicators on your tyres by looking for the letters "TWI" in the shoulder area of your machines tyres, on closer inspection you will see that there is a slightly raised area in the base of the tread groove at this point.

Tread wear indicators serve as a quick and simple aid to checking tyre tread depth if you don't have a tyre tread depth gauge available.


Tyres can sometimes be repaired, but care has to be taken, firstly the standard for tyre repair in the U.K is British Standard BS AU 159F. This standard lays down in great detail the way tyres should be repaired, the amount and type of damage that can be repaired. As you can imagine the standard is very detailed and as the purpose of this article is to give you some tips on tyre care, so I will sum up the main points you need to be aware of.

1. Some high speed rated tyres cannot be repaired at all. This generally applies to tyres with a speed rating higher than H (130 MPH). This is because tests have is because tests have shown that repair materials will not work in these highly stressed tyres.

2. All penetrations should be plugged to prevent the ingress of moisture into the tyre structure.

3. Tyres should not be repaired with sealants. On this latter point it is my personal opinion that sealants of both the prior and post puncture type are nothing short of dangerous, and you are much safer pushing your bike home than using them.


Bridgestone and other tyre manufacturers recommend that you "Run in" new tyres for approx. 100 miles before they are used to their maximum.


This may seem a subject that has nothing to do with tyres at first but it is vital that you prevent your tyres coming into contact with any petrochemical such as Oil, Diesel , Gunk or other propriety degreaser for any length of time. This is because oils are used in the manufacture of tyres, infact synthetic rubber is produced from oil and oil based products will attack the rubber compounds used in tyres.

Rubber which is exposed to oil based substances for any prolonged time will change from a hard to a softer "spongy" texture, the result can be a lack of grip or failure of the tyre structure. So if like me you use a degreaser to clean parts of your machine, take care to prevent any coming into contact with your tyres, and if by accident any should find its way onto the tyres wash or wipe it off immediately. For the same reason take care at filling stations around Diesel pumps, there always seems to be a degree of spillage onto the forecourt try to avoid riding over these areas.

There you have it I hope this guide has been interesting and informative, I have tried to cover the main points in tyre care. If you need any further help you can always contact any of the leading tyre companies, they all operate technical help line which provide advice on tyre availability, selection, and application.

Edward (Ted) Foreman.

Taking a pillion on a Suzuk Hayabusa 1300

A review by Ivy Bowman,
Welcome to the web site of speed. So you want to find out what it is like to ride pillion on a Hayabusa.

You want to experience speed, but you don't want to be the one up front. Well which bike would you choose. I chose the Hayabusa being a bit of a speed freak. The first thing that I did was to find an experienced rider or should I say 'pilot' as these bike do seem to touch the road, they seem to 'fly'.

My 'pilot' for the day was Nigel. Nigel is not just any rider, he is police trained (ex bike cop), he is also an Advanced Riding Instructor.

Nigel arranged to loan the Hayabusa on the following Thursday from D & K the motorcycle specialists for Stoke-on-Trent, what more could I ask for ?. Thursday came and I thought ''what have I done ?''. I had arranged to meet Nigel at D & K at 10 am, I didn't sleep very much the night before, couldn't keep it off my mind what it would be like to fly without wings. Parking up my bike, I turned around to see Nigel with a beaming smile on his face and by his side a black & red Hayabusa. I knew then that I had made the right choice. Nigel asked '' well are you ready to ride ?'', the sky was overcast and there was a threat of rain. We stopped to pick up some petrol and then headed off onto the open road.

Nigel tried me out at first on some shallow bends and then when he'd got used to the way that I rode pillion, he went for it on some of the more sharper bends. We took some tight bends which would have been bad enough on a track, but with cars coming at you sometimes over the centre line could be horrendous, nevertheless Nigel took it all in his stride. Well he should, I have not mentioned so far that Nigel is an advanced riding instructor. I could not see the speedometer, but I don't think we broke the speed limit, it just felt on the back as though we were going twice as fast.

He made a pit-stop and discussed the ride so far. I made a remark that it was the first time that I thought that I should have been wearing knee sliders. Nigel just laughed and said that we still had the return journey to make. By the time we started off on the return journey, the roads had become wet and greasy however the bike took all that we could through at it. It just purred like a big cat and seemed to be saying ''what would you like me to do next ?''.

When we returned to D & K, Nigel still had not ceased to surprise me, he rode the Hayabusa through the garage between rows of parked bikes with the isles no wider than the Hayabusa and I just closed my eyes, for the first time that day. After parking the bike Nigel asked ''Well did you like that'' , what could I say, I replied ''Yes and when can we do it again''. Which bike next ! Thanks Nigel.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Advanced Motorcycle Training - Webbikeworld

For a number of years now I have been using a web site in the United States as a source of information on all times motorcycle. The webmaster Rick, kindly reviewed one of my promotional DVD's and now he has put a video page onto his web site Web Bke World.

Couple of things: Have a look at the site and Rick keep up the good work.....

Link to site:

Video page:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Enhanced Rider Insurance Certificate (ERIC) Insurance Discount

I attended a conference recently and spoke to a number of insurance companies, regarding the DSA Enhanced Ride Scheme and ERIC, the Enhanced Rider Insurance Certificate you receive if you are successful on the scheme. On a number of press releases the figures of between 15 and 17% discount has been quoted, which looks good, but in reality is far too high. The majority of insurance companies I have spoken too are CONFIRMING a 10% DISCOUNT

Those companies are, Bikesure, Chandler Direct, CIA-Insurance ,Devitt, and Lexham

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Motorcycle News - Alison Silcox

Thanks Alison, I am in Motorcycle News again, issue dated 9th January 2008, page 34. Alison has reviewed her year with the Ducati 695, which included an assessment session with me. She combined my training with a track based courses and her confidence was boosted by both.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

DSA Post Test Training - Approved Trainer - Enhanced Rider Scheme ERS

Well after all that hard work, well worrying about my ability to rememeber figures for the theory exam, I have made it. The first DSA accredited - approved Post Test Trainer in Staffordshire for the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). I am working on the structure of the assessment and costs. I will update my website soon

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I have joined Facebook and added an album

I have joined FACEBOOK and used it to add some photos.