Saturday, October 13, 2007

Feedback from You Tube video clips

I have watched a significant number of your video clips on YouTube and have found them not only interesting but very useful as I am currently working towards the IAM test. However, and please be assured that I am asking and not critisising. the A500 filtering clip filled me with dread as you are in the offside lane and the oncoming traffic has to move to the near side.I would appreciate the rationale of this overtaking? When I have discussed filtering with my Observers the overriding message was "don't make your self the meat in the sandwich"I would like to thank you for sharing your videos. I realy do feel that watching them has helped me so much espcially in terms of bend positioning and using the vanishing points. I now give my self a running commentary alot fo the time and the terms "Friendly", "plan for the left/ right" and "chase it (the vanishing point) " are now regular parts of my biking vocabulary. My favourite clip however is the "day off from training" run from Broxton over to Wrexham. I now see that road in a different light and make much better progress over than previously.
Finally, after having a successful IAM "pre-test" run today I wil be applying for the test over this weekend.

Patrick Turnbull

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